So far Shidókai has taken part in many cultural events, including organizing or co-organazing several of them. In the year 2012 it made the very first Tameshigiri Taikai in the Czech Republic, where not only competitors from this country were present, but also a group of participants from Poland.

Since the year 2010 Shidókai has always been present at the Japanese day – Kaizen event, in the year 2011 together with the organisation Fukujukai it presented traditional japanese disciplines to the audience in Prague and Pilsen performed by the extraordinary masters from Kumamoto. Extra informations about the festival can be found on it´s page:

Other events where Shidókai could have been seen include for example ADVIK, the presentation of the traditional japanese cuisine and tea ceremony in the Bílý Jeřáb tea house, or Poland Battódó Taikai 2011.