Shidokai was founded in the year 1985 in Kumamoto by the Nakagawa Kinji – sensei. Project was established to protect, mantain and pass on the traditional Japanese culture, as well as to present it to the public. First official presentation was conducted two years later on the presmises of the Jórakuji temple as a part of old Budó exhibition. Since then there has been close cooperation between the Shidókai and Jórakuji.

Since it´s establishment there has been about thirty exhibitions in several temples and shrines – both ritual and as a part of festivals; six at the Kumamoto castle as a part of historical festivities later becoming one of the main actors in them, and last but not least three times as a part of memorial services, as a tribute to the deceased. In the year 1996 the Association for the preservance of traditional musket firing practice is established in the city of Ashikita.

In the year 2005 Nakagawa-sensei decided he would bring Shidókai also to Europe. While traveling through various countries he had noticed that many young Europeans wish to learn traditional disciplines and also achieve self-growth through it. This view was shared by his mentor, Tokutomi – sensei.

Although Nakagawa-sensei himself is teaching mainly iaidó and battójutsu ( 8th dan hanshi Toyama ryú, founder of Nakagawa Tózan ryú), he stresses out the fact of Shidókai focusing on the traditional Japanese culture in general. That is why it cooperates with other expert. We can name for example Yoshida Kazumi-sensei (Nihon buyó, traditional dance) or Matsuno Kunisaku-sensei (8th dan in calligraphy with his own school in Kumamoto, author of several historical publications and also performs ritual shintó dance – Kagura).

As a part of Shidókai there have been established several branches – in England, France and Czech Republic.
Also the organization has appeared on several events in Europe – we can name for examle Poland Tameshigiri Taikai, in the year 2010 historical festival in the UK, Japanese day – Kaizen, ADVIK, Bušidó for Japan, Judó Show cup 2011, tea ceremony seminares in the Bílý Jeřáb tea house or organisation of the very first official Tameshigiri Taikai in the Czech Republic.