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This school has been founded by our sensei, Nakagawa Kinji from Kumamoto. Nakagawa-sensei was born in the year 1952 and has started to practice Budó from the very early age, including Kendó. He has been studying Iaidó since he was twenty years old, starting with Hoki Ryú, typical for it´s extensive use of one-handed techniques. Later on he added also Musó Shinden Ryú to his practice (school that has also techniques of Eishin Ryú) and Ómori Ryú.

He started Toyama Ryú training under the teaching of Tokutomi Sensei, Morinaga-ha branch Kaichó. Moreover he has been studying Nitó Ryú, which has very broad tradition in Kumamoto thanks to the fact that during his last few years famous Miyamoto Musashi had been living there. Sensei also has strong interest in other traditional disciplines, for example Tea ceremony.

In the year 2007 Nakagawa-sensei has obtained 8th Dan Toyama Ryú Hanshi title and established Europe Bujutsu Shidókai organisation, for the teaching of Budó and other traditional disciplines in Europe. His dójó´s are in England, France and Czech Republic.